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The luxurious, handcrafted fabrics of Rose Cumming and Classic Cloth are at home in the majestic 17th century estate, St. Giles House, located approximately 100 miles outside of London in the picturesque village of Wimborne St Giles. The fabrics, rooted in old-world techniques and artisanal methods, carry a present-day perspective while paying homage to the rich heritage of the brands and historic milieu.

Luxury, Handcrafted Fabrics

Specializing in luxury, handcrafted fabrics rooted in old-world techniques and artisanal methods, reimagined for today. Wells Textiles brings you beautiful fabrics and wallcoverings from Rose Cumming and Classic Cloth.

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Lauren Hudson

Lauren developed her love of textiles when she set out to decorate her own home. She was enchanted by Rose Cumming and Classic Cloth’s fabrics and their incredible hand block prints, wovens, silks, and embroideries. The beloved fabrics adorn her family home and when she started her journey in interior design, she turned to the beautiful array of fabrics for client projects. Now the caretaker of the two brands, Lauren is committed to preserving the fabrics and wallpaper for future generations.

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